Model 26 Truss Attic Stairs

Model 26 Truss Attic Stairs

Sizes Range From 7'7" -12'10" Floor to Floor Height

Sizes Range From 7' 7" - 10' 10" Floor to Floor Height (See Size Chart)

Will fit ceiling thickness from 8 1/2" to 12"

66 degree incline

Rated 600 lbs

Main Features

The original disappearing stairway. You don't climb a Bessler Stairway - you walk up it!

The all NEW disappearing sliding stairway designed to replace the conventional folding attic ladder and is specially engineered to fit the existing folding stair opening.

Model 26 Truss is identical to Model 26, except that the 26 Truss is specially designed to fit between 24" O.C. truss ceiling.

  • Solid one piece stringers and treads of selected 1x6 kiln dried yellow pine.
  • Ladder rod under each tread for added strength and rigidity.
  • Full length handrail.
  • Ladder width 14"
  • Grade A 1 3/8" hollow core door.
  • Shipping weight approximately 85 lbs.
  • 90 Percent Assembled.
  • Finished Frame Provided.
  • Trim not supplied by Bessler.
  • For Residential or Commercial Use.

Bessler Stairways Attic Stair Systems

With Bessler’s one-piece design and counterbalanced assembly, opening and closing the Bessler is smooth and easy. The stairway glides into position almost effortlessly. With ratings up to 800 lbs., and a range of ceiling heights & opening widths, most residential or commercial applications can be accommodated.

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