Bessler Stairways - FAQs

Yes. We already have pricing for components packages. Useful when customer has excessive ware on the stringer and can replace component vs entire stair.

Drums come with initial tension which is more for shipping purposes.

No, the model 100 is at a 53* incline and is made out of 1X8 lumber and is recommended for commercial applications but can be used for residential. The model 70 has a 57* incline and is made of 1X6 lumber. (considered the best option for residential as long as space allows)

No, bessler stairs do not lay completely flat on the floor. Depending on the thickness of the floor joist the ladder may lay off the floor several inches.

No, a new drum must be purchased.

Only the models 22 and 26 come with wellsides. All other models require the installer to build a finished jam which is 2” larger than the panel dimension located on the Bessler size chart.

Run below is the exact landing dimension for the attic stair. Also called landing space. To find this you measure directly below the hinge of the door panel and out the direction your stair opens. We recommend adding 18” to your Run Below dimension for ease of access on and off the stairway.

Yes, you may need to trim your ladder to achieve a level stairway. However we recommend a skilled carpenter to make these modifications. The hardware attached at the foot of the stairway may also need to be moved up the stringers depending on your model and needs.

Bessler Stairways Attic Stair Systems

With Bessler’s one-piece design and counterbalanced assembly, opening and closing the Bessler is smooth and easy. The stairway glides into position almost effortlessly. With ratings up to 800 lbs., and a range of ceiling heights & opening widths, most residential or commercial applications can be accommodated.

800 lb Rating

Model 100

400 lb Rating

Model 20

600 lb Rating

Model 26

600 lb Rating

Model 26T

600 lb Rating

Model 30

600 lb Rating

Model 40

600 lb Rated

Model 70